10 tips on How to Dress like a Street Style Pro

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Street Style Star

When it comes to inspiration, there is no better place than the streets. You have the freedom to think outside the box and try something new and fresh. Step up your style game through the Top 10 Tips on how to ace the ‘Street Style’ Look.

1. Sunglasses
Always wear a pair of sunglasses while stepping out. They could be the classic ones, trendy or something unique and never seen before.

2.Ear Cuffs
Ear cuffs are the new bracelet cuffs. Try wearing one which is subtle yet fashionable.

3.Frayed Denim
One of the best street style looks? Frayed Denim. Whether shorts or jeans, they add a certain edginess to the look. The best part about these denim? They go well with everything and anything.
4.Iconic Sneakers
When it comes to street style, iconic sneakers are always at the front. They do not seem to be going away anytime soon.  Combine it with a pair of frayed denim to achieve the perfect street style outfit.

5.Leather Pants
Try leather pants combined with a casual or dressy top and sneakers or heels. Make sure the pants are well fitted and not too long (aim for ankle length).

6.Tall Boots
Tall Boots are the best option for boosting your height while at the same time being more comfortable than pumps. You could try and wear them with skin fit jeans, short skirt or shorts.

7.Belt it Up
Style and layer your outfit with a waist belt, statement const or a chunky one.
8.Short Scarf
Rather than a long scarf, pair up your look with a shorter one. This adds another layer to the outfit yet doesn’t take the attention away from the main clothing.
Velvet is anything but boring. It adds a youthful and fresh look to the overall look. During the spring/summer try going for pastel shades while winter could be darker shades.
10.Statement Coat
To top it all, throw over a statement coat. (Not too applicable during the summers). Dont be afraid to wear a coat with a print, texture or bright colors. This is the trick of pulling off a street style look.

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