10 ways to Color Block your Wardrobe

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Tips & Tricks on Color Blocking

What better time than summer to add some colour to your wardrobe. Update your outfits by learning the tips and tricks on how to color block your wardrobe. If you’re not for the ‘in your face’ looks, try pattern shy colors that would help to transition from the grey hues to more brighter ones. Check out our top 10 ways of color blocking your wardrobe:

1.Wide horizontal stripes on a dress consisting of just two colors is the perfect color block combination. Try pairing a darker color with a lighter one to provide the contrasting look.

2.While wearing a shirt, look out for shirts which have a different color on the collars and cuffs.

3.Hi-Lo dresses would be the perfect clothing for a color block. A high low hem with a gorgeous neckline being the same color and the majority of the dress being a different color would be the best way to go.

4.Colorblock your tops and tees. Pair cotton candy colors together to achieve the best look. Combining mint, bubble gum, lavender, lemon yellow would provide for an extremely subtle yet contrasting top.

5.Apart from blouses and tops, maxi dresses are one of the best options to showcase the variety of colors or patterns available. Combining a lighter color such as cream with brighter ones such as orange and lime green would be the perfect summer maxi dress.

6.Excluding clothing, colorblocking your accessories such as bags adds a lot to the overall outfit. A complete tan brown bag consisting of dark blue details such as pockets with golden zippers would be the perfect accessory.

7.Crop top tees are a good way to show three different colours with the sleeves being a different color as well as the upper and lower half of the tee thus providing three different sections within one tee.

8.One of the most tried and tested yet not worn on a daily basis is the combination of hot pink and olive green.

9.Floppy Summer hats are the best way to show off your collection of hats. Instead og going the classic mainstream path of wearing straw hats try wearing one which has a variation of colors but make sure they belong to the same color family.

10.Last but not the least, a color blocking romper would be the best summer outfit. Breezy, light with not too much of a hassle and muted color tones with the right accessories would form a good summer look.

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