20 Best fashion Tips

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There are a million fashion do’s and dont’s that have been told over the years. Here at Sishah’s Lookbook, we make your life simpler by picking out themes essential fashion tips to improve your wardrobe! These top 20 tips and tricks should help you narrow down exactly how to style your clothes.

 1.When wearing a dress or a gown make sure you know which part of your body you want to expose. Choose only one part of your body and show it off. If you are exposing your legs, cover your top and vice versa.

2.As often as possible, try wearing bright accessories.They go well with neutral shades of clothing such as black, gray and blue.

3.Similar to the accessories, pair your clothing with versatile bags that would go well with your shoes and your outfit. Wherever possible, the shoes and bags should belong to the same family color.

4.Layering is a must. Especially in the spring season, layering your clothes would instantly add more style to a simple outfit.

5.Generally when you are wearing heels with jeans make sure the hem of your jeans graze just the top of your shoe.

6.The ultimate accessory you could add to brighten up your outfit is a scarf.

7.For evenings, rather than using a big handbag carry a dressy bag with a chain and wear it diagonally across your body for the best effect.

8.Always try your clothes before buying them. When going to the dressing room, carry along a lipstick and a pair of shoes to get a better feel for the outfit.

9.When you are in doubt about the size of your jeans, always try and get a smaller size since they are stretchable and would fit you well rather than getting loose or baggy ones.

10.Alternatively, if you are buying baggy jeans make sure you pair it with a skin fit top to give the outfit a contrast.

11.Wearing nude pumps is the best option if you are doubting which heels to wear with your outfit. Depending on your skin tone, choose the best nude color pumps.

12.When wearing white make sure you see yourself in a bright setting before stepping out since white clothes tend to be more see through than the rest.

13.If you are bored of the classic simple plain tees go ahead with stripes! Striped t-shirts and tops are simple yet fun.

14.Always buy a fun and good quality coat rather than a boring one. Especially in the winter season, coats are the most prominent part of your outfit and the centre of attraction.

15.Dont be afraid to mix your prints together. However make sure the prints look good together and in most cases should belong to the same print family.

16.Pair brighter colors with neutral ones. Alternatively wear two colors that are next to each other on the color wheel such as coral and orange.

17.When wearing a elegant dress only wear one statement piece of jewellery such as earrings or a necklace. Avoid overcrowding the accessories or else they would take the attention away from the dress.

18.When wearing belts dont be afraid to wear thicker belts as they add much more to the outfit than a thinner one. 

19.Pair loose with tight rather than loose with loose or tight with tight. If wearing tight bottoms wear a loose top and vice versa.

20.Try mixing your jeans styles rather than sticking to just one type. Wear a variety of jeans such as boyfriend jeans.

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