5 Key Colours that must be with you during SS17

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Colours pay a huge tribute in our styling. Even if you’re a perfectionist at layering colours in your outfits, you still need to know the when to wear the right colours in the right time.

We all know the basics of Spring/Summer calls for Light and warm colours ideally known as pastel palette and Autumn/Winter for Dark and cool ones known as the phase of black. One of the common reasons understood for this is that Spring/Summer is the time of longer days hinting towards the light colours palette and Autumn/Winter is the phase of longer nights indicating the dark colours palette.

However, this is the most common approach of colour understanding. Often brands create their own colour palette to follow on a theme or just to be out of the box. The real question is who do they follow for inspiration? Well we have the answer. Commonly many brands follow the colour forecast palettes created by the master of colours such as Panetone or WGSN to name a few.

This article will be presenting the colour palette of the season. So get ready because after this article, you may need to go for a shopping spree.

SS17 Key Colours
SS17 Key Colours


  1. Black Plum

    SS17 Key Colours
    Mood Palette for Black Plum
  2. Orchid

    SS17 Key Colours
    Mood Palette for Orchid
  3. Machine Red

    SS17 Key Colours
    Mood Palette for Machine Red
  4. Gachala Green

    SS17 Key Colours
    Mood Palette for Ganchala Green
  5. Mango

    SS17 Key Colours
    Mood Palette for Mango





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