5 Shoes That You Need To Be A True Londoner.

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London is a city that involves the most of walking and surprisingly it is pleasing for most of us. However, dressing for the right walk is the most important part. Heres our list of the 5 must have shoes to be a true Londoner

  • Nike trainers in black – No wonder the same design in any other colour would cost you must less, sometimes even half of the price of its black sibling, but trust us, once you own these, it will be worth every extra buck. Its very easy to dress up with the black trainers as they look good with every coloured outfit.
Image Courtesy @Nike 


  • Leather trainers – If you are observant enough, you shall see at least one person donning the Adidas originals leather trainers every minute! And the reason – They instantly add the super stylish touch to any simple outfit. Our personal styling advice would be to wear them with ankle length trousers/jeans or a bodycon mini skirt.


Image Courtesy @Adidas


  • Martens 1460 – London is the art capital of the world and mainly differs from New York and Paris fashion in terms of its bold and out of the box style. Dr. Martens is a shoe that not only guarantees you a life time of companionship, but it also instantly portrays one as a cool, artsy and bold Londoner. No wonder you will spot the most of these in our cool and creative Shoreditch neighbourhood. Wear them on all things possible and they uplift your style immediately.
Image Courtesy @Dr Martens


  • Chuck Taylor All Star in white – Although this shoe was born on the court, now it is worn by everyone who wants comfort without compromising on style. Artists, musicians, young at heart folks wear these in their own way to express their sense of style. Why not custom paint them to add that extra unique touch. There are tonnes of artists around that would give your classic shoe a personalised make over.
Image Courtesy @Converse


  • Chelsea boots – Gone are the days when women had the compulsion to wear heels at work. It would be ridiculous to walk those long miles every day in high heels. Yes, even if you don’t want to walk and take public transport, in London you walk a lot in the tube station itself. These truly British shoes from the Victorian era are a must have and serve as perfectly comfortable formal shoes. After all you are in London, you need to own a posh British design.
Image Courtesy @Office

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