5 tricks to pair one handbag with different shoes

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Pair one handbag with different shoes

When it comes to handbags, versatility is the name of the game. You can wear just one bag with many different heels and outfits.The handbags should not be exactly the same, they don’t have to match but they should “go”. together with everything you’re working and most importantly they shouldn’t match too closely. The easiest way to get this right is to forget the old, outdated rules, and challenge yourself in mixing blacks and browns, metallic finishes, even patterns, but stick mostly with neutral colors and classic shapes. Don’t worry about matching precisely, you’ll still look chic and put together. Take a look at the following outfits and tips to get more from one statement handbag, to be able to carry it a variety of ways, and to get your money’s worth.

The key to look trendy and chic, is to be styled properly by using your shoes, handbags, makeup and hair go perfectly well with your outfit. any mistake can drain that beautiful outfit you have planned. 

Outfit #1- Casual outfit 

Michael Kors handbag with Jimmy Choo Vivy/s round-frame embellished acetate and gold-tone. White and beige are very common but adding a pastel color makes it look 10 times better and very chic.


Outfit #2- As a color complement

Another way to use this handbag. Baby blue and mauve look amazing together, these colours are not so common and not everyone uses these colours together, they end up looking absolutely fantastic altogether.

To get the most out of handbags as a complement, it is important to look at your wardrobe on a whole. Certain colors will just sit in your closet if they don’t work with most of the colors you already own. For example, an orange handbag can be fun, but what if your wardrobe has a lot of red in it? Since, Red and orange are more tougher colors to combine and play along than you think.There are also a lot of shades out there that will complement most colors in the closet, colors like green, yellow, burgundy, teal and metallic. If you want to step out with some handbag color fun, but are afraid to take a risk, consider these shades.


Outfit #3- As a tonal, monochromatic match

We think head to toe monochromatic dressing can get a little one note and boring, however, tonal color combining (the use of similar shades in one outfit) can work well with a few pieces in an outfit.  For example, this mauve handbag is a bit lighter than the blouse and heels. It works and looks great. 


Outfit #4- contrast 

These colors look great together, grey always looks good with every color, with mauve it just gives a different elegant look. The mauve handbag is giving a stunning look to the off shoulder dress.


Outfit #5- Casual + Formal look

 To make your denim jacket more fancy, you can wear it with a dress and boots. This outfit can be worn as a formal or casual outfit. This handbag would look great with this look because, oversized handbag looks flawless with a dress.


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