A Need for Eyebrows On Fleek? Try Soap Filling Eyebrows!

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We all want the gorgeous on point eyebrows because often filling in with a pencil and tinting eyebrows may just not work all the time. Since, our very dear eyebrows do the same annoying thing that often our eye liners do in balancing the line and making an exact copy.

Well practice makes us all perfect right? but what if we told you that you don’t really need practice to give your eyebrows the perfection? The only thing you all need is ‘SOAP’ and thats how simple it gets. Our favourite beauty brand “Anastasia Beverly Hills” had recently reposted a video by the amazing beauty blogger Shelby Trigila, that demonstrated the simple and easiest DIY to get eyebrows on fleek.

Simply click on the images below to be directed to the video.

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