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My name is Sana Inam Shah, you may also know me as Sishah as that’s the name I go by when I first started my Instagram blog in 2015.

I am from Pakistan, brought up in Saudi Arabia and now I am in London; living the dream by studying in one of the most fashion prestigious college in the world; London College of Fashion.I have always had a special place in my heart in appreciation for Fashion around the globe and the movement of fashion.Although I am studying Fashion management, I have a keen interest in fashion styling, designing, media (Well everything fashion to say).

Coming from a mixed family background; has always inspired me with the impact culture and religion has on people’s clothing. I have always wanted to share my taste in fashion and learn more on the field, turning this concept into a blog is the perfect start I could have. My main goal through this blog is to grow awareness of the jobs available in the fashion industry and inspire people to join; this concept will be demonstrated in the industry interviews section.

I love shopping (clearly), travelling (I consider airports as one of my home), absolutely love interior designing hence you will also experience a hint of lifestyle articles in this blog.

I have always wanted to share my taste in fashion and learn more on the field and turning this concept into a blog is the perfect start I could have. My main goal through this blog is to grow awareness of the jobs available in the fashion industry and inspire people to join.

My blog will be offering the following content:

◦ Articles: Features of Beauty, Accessories, Clothing and Lifestyle.

◦ Industry Stories: Interviews of the professionals in the fashion industry

◦ Editor’s Picks: Setting out the hottest trends of the month.

◦ Outfit Inspiration: Styling outfit of Party, Casual, Formal and Sportswear

◦ Reveal: Disclosing a new fashion product
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Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/sishahslookbook4

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNQoByL5fTciTuyBv2LT3EQ

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Sishahslookbook/

So grab a hot and relaxing cup of tea (with some cookies!) and get started on enjoying our blog’s content. And remember we always love your suggestions so do inform us if there’s a special content you would like us to cover. Moreover, if you would like to be a part of #TeamSishah then head over to Contributors.

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Get to Know our authors

Hey there, My name is Areeba Sajjad. I am from Pakistan, born & brought up in Saudi Arabia and studying Graphic Design in Bahrain. I always had an immense passion for art and now I am able to take inspiration and create whatever that my heart desires by combining by creative thinking with my studies. I am dedicated to my craft and always strive for perfection with each new challenge I takes on. I am described as a neat freak and having a keen eye for detail, which comes in handy in many of the projects that I take on. When not stuck behind a laptop screen, I enjoy watching films, doing photography, shopping and enjoying life with my crazy bunch of friends & my love of food.

Hello! I’m Hannah Holden. I was born and raised in London. I’m currently studying BA Fashion Management at London College of Fashion. In addition to this, I work part time for Arcadia. My aspiration in life is to become a buying director; I have an eye for fashion and know what looks good. When I’m not doing university projects or working, in my spare time I love to create outfits and play around with different styles to see what works together. My favorite brands to shop are Gucci, Zara and Topshop. I am also totally obsessed with makeup and beauty; I have more pieces of makeup than I will ever be able to use but that still doesn’t stop me from buying more.

Hi, My name is Nawal Abdulkarim Shah. Born and raised in Chicago, IL. Currently living in Saudi Arabia. I can speak up to 5 languages, (Arabic, English, Urdu, Korean and, Pashto). For me, I think fashion is one of the art forms that you live your life in. Not everyone likes poetry, not everyone likes looking at paintings, but fashion is one of the art forms which everyone in the world takes part of. It represents our inner psyche, it restablishes our status in society. I love fashion because it is like an

extension of my personality and what kind of mood I’m in. It can tell people to back off and leave me the hell alone, or it can invite people in and show the softer side of me.

Hi, I’m Pallavi Varma. I was born and brought up in Mumbai, India and shifted to London three years back to pursue my dream of being in the fashion industry. In these three years I experimented with all the various facets of fashion – design, photography, styling, branding and business. I am currently studying Visual Merchandising and Branding at the London College of Fashion, which in itself is the biggest place for inspiration. In my spare time, I love travelling and exploring new places in, around and outside London. Additionally, I also love reading and photography. I was inspired by London’s culture, the people and the places which have carved their way through my work.

Hi my name is Pratima Kothule. I was born and brought up in the world’s most diverse and colourful country – India. I moved to the artistic city of London around three years ago, and my passion for fashion and all things artistic has grown more than ever. I love to make the most of living in the global melting pot of art, culture, architecture and people. Being an architect first and then getting a master’s degree in Fashion design I am inspired by everything around me, whether it’s the beautifully carved arches in Westminster or the cool and colourful graffiti of Shoreditch, fine dining at Ritz or street food in Camden market, my work is enriched by the amalgamation of all beautiful aspects of London.