Afternoon Tea at the world tallest building, Burj Khalifa

At.mosphere Restaurant

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Delicious Experience at At.mosphere Restaurant, Burj Khalifa, Dubai.

We always look for places that serve not just the best food but also provide an amazing environment and hospitality creating a special place in our heart. Visiting the Burj Khalifa for sightseeing is one but actually going there for an afternoon tea is an experience of a lifetime. In this article we will be discussing our experience at The At.mosphere Restaurant, Burj Khalifa along with the price, food,  hospitality and the environment of the restaurant. 

Being there you do feel that you’re high up in the air, which literally you are because the At.mosphere Restaurant is located on the 122nd floor of the Burj Khalifa. But while going up from the lift do your ears close shut as if you’re in a flight?, Absolutely, they do and seeing the view from there actually does give you quick illusion that you’re in a flight. 

Views from Burj Khalifa
Views from the 123rd floor of Burj Khalifa

The entrance to the restaurant is from Armani Hotel entrance of Burj Khalifa, and from there you will be exclusively escorted to the basement of the hotel and then a special lift is taken to take you up to the 123rd floor of the building. Finally, stairs a floor down will be taken to get to the restaurant. This does sound like a lot of work to be done. However, in our honest opinion we thought that it was the best to do because you get to see the beautiful interior of the hotel and  the breathtaking view of the city as you go along the top. 

A waiter will be at your assistance for literally everything, from guiding you everything coming in your afternoon tea to helping you in deciding the right beverage of your taste. The Afternoon tea menu is already set for you. However, you can do minor tweaks according to your personal preference. 


As a welcome drink, you will be given a iced tea, or a sparkling wine depending on your preference

Pierlant Brut at Burj Khalifa
Starter, Pierlant Brut




To enhance your palate a delicious yet simple starter is provided, Pierlant Brut; served alongside berries and creme. No doubt the started was simple yet very interesting intriguing to our palate.







Secondly, a platter of Chef’s finest homemade finger sandwiches is served which are an absolute delight and beautifully made, when first served we actually thought they were mini cakes, until the waiter came along to explain each and every sandwich on the platter.

Chef's Finest Homemade finger sandwiches at Burj Khalifa
Chef’s Finest Homemade finger sandwiches
High berry refreshment at Burj Khalifa
High Berry Refreshment



Following the sandwiches, a light refreshment is always suggested to have along with the treat. Refreshments such as, Red Sand, Afternoon Delight, Miraculous Mardarin or High Berry go smoothly, complimenting the sandwiches. For the day we decided to have the Delicious “High Berry” that consists of Pink Flamingo Tea blended with Black Currant, Cranberry and Elderflowers. The taste of the drink is indeed as perfect as the description made and it since its light, it goes perfectly well with the sandwiches 





Thirdly, you will be served the main course. which was very interesting to know because most of the afternoon tea do not consist of one. However, hearing what was coming definitely made us excited the most. You will be given a choice of either Roast of the day served with seasonal vegetables or Catch of the day; that is a seafood meal. We decided to go with the traditional Roast of the day because you cannot just say no to that deliciousness of a meal can you?. The Meal went beyond our expectations, our personal favourite was the bits of sauce served in perfect amount not to overload the palate but give it a hint of saltness and herbs flavour.

Roast of the day with Seasonal Vegetables at Burj Khalifa
Main Course, Roast of the day with Seasonal Vegetables

Following the roast, a choice of refreshments were suggested such as, Ganache 87, Caribbean Delight, Tropical Smile and Liquid Spa. We decided to have a Tropical Smile; a fresh passion fruit and mango layered with coconut flavoured creme. and Liquid Spa; a mint and peach flavoured aloevera juice combined with homemade ginger sugar. 

Tropical Smile refreshment at Burj Khalifa
Tropical Smile Refreshment
Liquid Spa refreshment at burj khalifa
Liquid Spa refreshment


Lastly, a stand of the Finest Patisseries is served. Consisting of a variety of homemade English scones, mini cake loafs, fine pastries and confectionery. Each and everything on that stand was an absolute mini bites of heaven. Variety of tea and coffee are offered in this session.


Finest Patisseries at Burj Khalifa
Finest Patisseries


The price for per person with window table is for 490AED (£103).

The price for per person without window table is for 420AED (£89).

This price includes the unlimited selection of hot and refreshing beverages. 

Final Verdict:

Food: We loved the variety of the food. The set menu is indeed well thought, combining great variety of tastes. We loved that main course was served with the afternoon tea. The plating and decoration of the food was 10/10 and taste of the food was perfectly spot on. 

Portion Size: Many may feel that the portion served is small. However, we thought it was absolutely perfect considering there are so many items coming ahead, it is extremely stomach fulfilling

Environment: Its absolutely beautiful. quite cosy for a restaurant, quite and nicely maintained. Moreover, the view from the top is breathtaking. We definitely suggest on taking the window table because there is just a small difference in price. 

Hospitality: The hospitality management was extremely friendly and helpful in guiding you through everything. They do definitely make your stay as memorable as possible. 



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