Breakfast spot in London: The Modern Pantry – Finsbury Square

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The Modern Pantry – Finsbury Square

If you are a big fan of discovering restaurants in London, you must be familiar with the very popular polished cafe/bar/restaurant the Modern Pantry with two locations: Finsbury Square and Clerkenwell. Although, the Modern Pantry – Finsbury Square is already very famous for its brunch at the weekend, breakfast is definitely an amazing experience that you should try on a quiet weekday morning. 

Located in a highly busy financial area, The Modern Pantry in Finsbury Square gives out a very sophisticated vibe with the wooden bar and lavish restaurant setting.

The Modern Pantry
Image Courtesy: @World Architecture News

The restaurant serves breakfast from 7.30AM to 11.30AM with a various choices such as: pastries, fruity and seeds breakfast for someone who likes to watch their calories, cooked breakfast and an amazing tea, juice and coffee selection. The menu is definitely vegan and vegetarian friendly. The most recommended breakfast you really need to give it a go is the Ricotta pancakes, berry & liquorice compote, Neal’s Yard Dairy crème fraiche. Start your morning with fluffy pancakes, a good cup of espresso and you are good to go.

The Modern Pantry
Image Courtesy: @Square Meal

So if you are someone who takes breakfast way too serious, who thinks about what you are going to eat the next morning before you go to sleep, you definitely cannot miss this experience in the Modern Pantry, but remember on a quiet weekday morning!

The Modern Pantry
Image Courtesy: @tpmp1995

In overall, the staff offers excellent service with very friendly attitudes. Price for breakfast is not bad at all ranging from £10 – £20 including drinks. We 100{5ec6e38e9fa8b32dcd0679aa27e62c975649b6c7becf2aa47ac8a1ecf4eaa292} recommend the Modern Pantry breakfast. Just pay a visit either by yourself or with your friends, family, colleagues and lovers. You are guaranteed to have amazing pancakes. By the way, stay tuned for the dinner experience in the Modern Pantry guys. 

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