Comfy but Chic Summer Outfit Ideas

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Chic or Comfy? or Why not Both? 

You certainly do not need to wear heels and go through the pain in order to look fabulous. Here are some comfy but chic summer outfit suggestions that we created for you.

Outfit 1 
Comfy but chic outfit ideasThese leggings with logo details on the side are a perfect statement piece for your outfit. All you need to do is to add sunglasses, a cap and a cool backpack. This extremely comfortable not only makes you look so chic but also shows off a bit of your summer body! 🙂

Outfit 2 

Comfy but chic outfit ideasThis look is perfect for a dinner out on the beach or a nice luxury resort with your family, your plus one. The statement piece here is the red off-shoulder cotton top which has been seen everywhere and been worn by almost every fashion bloggers. Ditch the heels, wear these mules to complete your outfit and you do not have to worry about hurting your feet at the end of the day. It is not so difficult to look chic but feel comfy at the same time girls!

Outfit 3+4

Comfy but chic outfit You can definitely still pull off a chic look with track pants. Outfit 3 and 4 are created for you which are inspired by fashion bloggers. You can wear an asymmetrical shirt with blue stripe or a slogan T-shirt. Please do not forget to tuck your T-shirt in in order to achieve that chic, effortless look that every fashion blogger have. If you feel like a little bit dressy, wear these chunky heeled boots. They not only add a few inches to your height but also ensure that you do not have to go through the pain that heels give you.


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