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 The Makeup Brand to Lookout For

Makeup Brush Range: Image Courtesy @kohlkreatives

Kohl Kreatives is a non-profit organisation, that supports a variety of communities empower themselves through the power of makeup. They specialise in cosmetics creation of features lost through illness and accidents, as well as help masculinize or feminize features as a result of a transition from one gender to another.

Trishna Daswaney, the CEO of Kohl Kreatives shares her story about her inspiration behind the brand and what the brand entails for the future.

“I grew up in Hong Kong and struggled with my image, my saviour was makeup. Makeup became armour to me that made me feel super self-confident.”

Kohl Kreatives Brushes: @kohlkreatives

After practising and dabbling in it for a while I kept it aside as a passion. A few years later, while I was at university the movie My Sister’s Keeper moved me. The scene where Kate goes to the hospital prom: she has a wig, beautiful makeup and in that scene, she just looked amazing, no longer the sick girl – just amazing. And I thought to myself that’s what I want to do. After training as a makeup artist and hair stylist I went on to see a different power in makeup altogether.

“I want to do makeup for people who need it and strip away the vanity from it.”

Cruelty-Free Makeup Brushes: Image Courtesy @kohlkreatives

Kohl Kreatives is different from other makeup companies because “We care about you in the chair using our product, we care about the people that make the product, down to the animals that may be harmed in the production and testing process of production. As well as the people who you as a consumer, have now also helped empower themselves with the power of makeup”

The most important thing for Kohl Kreatives are ethics and being fair, “it truly is in the back of my mind in every part of the process. I can’t speak for others in the industry, but for us, this is a priority and will continue to be.”

Kohl Kares: Image Courtesy @kohlkreatives

“The free makeup workshops are all about empowering people through the power of makeup”

Being Comfortable in your Skin: Image Courtesy @kohlkreatives

It’s about exploring in a safe place and feeling comfortable no makeup question is trivial. “We primarily work with the transgender community, and cancer community but anyone that feels like they need the boost from makeup and is struggling with their appearance is welcome.”

“I like the 3ss3ntials set, it’s got one of each, and you really can do your whole face with them, they’re of course super soft and vegan & cruelty-free too what’s not to love.”

3ss3ntials Set: Image Courtesy @kohlkreatives

“The biggest highlight till now has been the number of people we have helped. For me, while there definitely have been some amazing commercial wins: [getting stocked in] Boots, a Boxpark popup, the Harpers Bazaar feature, The Observer feature and a Women In Business win.

Kohl Kreatives Brushes: Image Courtesy @kohlkreatives



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