Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike at F1 Bahrain!!

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Belgian DJ duo and EDM Superstars Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike visited Bahrain to start of Formula one with a BANG!

Dimitri Vegas & Mike Like, Bahrain
Image Courtesy @dimitrivegasandlikemike

Dimitri Vegas And Like Mike completely slayed the dance floor & audience from the start of their first song.
They brought a lot of energy and atmosphere with them, electrifying audiences with their unique crowd-smashing mixes.

The music and lighting was utterly fantastic.

The stage design was monumentally tall and wide, the visuals extend to the ceiling that it makes it very energetic experience. These suspended LED lights even move around throughout the show with new colors and patterns. The blasts of Fire ball & confetti while the beat drops excites the whole crowd and makes them scream and jump of their feet.

What was the most unique part of the duo was the crowd engagement and involvement. They really know how to work the crowd. There was not a single sec we felt bored or secluded. Their electrifying live combination of DJ sets and constantly MCing, making the crowd do different activities like putting their lights up/lights down or asking the whole crowd to move right and left.

Unfortunately, during the show there was a technical difficulty and the power went out but Dimitri Vegas and like Mike took it upon them to still entertain the crowd by making the crowd clap and chant at different speeds just to keep the hype of the crowd up.

Image Courtesy @dimitrivegasandlikemike

They were Truly Incredible!

One of the biggest DJs of TomorrowLand really proved their worth.
It was totally worth the money, enjoying with your mates and having a good laugh to around. We would definitely recommend and go for them again!

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