Double up on Denim this season

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The double denim fashion trend has taken people by storm. Although there is the difference of opinions: Should you or Shouldn’t you double up your denim. Here at Sishah’s Lookbook we are of the opinion that double the denim is double the fun! Still not convinced?
Take a look at our Denim on Denim styles below:

  1. Start embracing the trend by wearing different shades of denim together such as a light denim shirt/top with dark denim jeans. Use denim shades to enhance or hide parts of your body. For example, a lighter shade of denim will attract attention to the body parts it covers while a darker shade will give a slimming effect. Hence, try wearing dark denim jeans and a lighter denim top/ jacket.Denim
  2. Avoid wearing a denim outfit that has the same wash since it would look too ‘matchy matchy’. Try adding contrasting colors to enhance the look.Denim
  3. Try using distressed denim which would add a bit of character to the outfit and the denim look.Denim
  4. While wearing denim clothing do not wear denim accessories such as a handbag, shoes or a hat. Rather accessorise your outfit with a good-looking handbag, statement heels, studded belt,  a tuxedo blazer or a gorgeous lipstick.Denim
  5. If you’re wearing a denim jacket and jeans, pair them with a simple classic white T-shirt / a striped tee and trainers thus giving a casual, relaxed look.
  6. In order to make your outfit more fun, try wearing denim jackets or jeans that have quirky embellishments or accents. This adds an element of texture to the overall outfit.


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