How to Dress Smart Casual

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The Guide to tackling the challenging ‘Smart Casual’.

Dressing smart casual can sometimes be a challenge since it is in between the casual and the fancy look. It essentially means dressing in a casual manner that is a bit more fancy. This is achieved through a clean, fashionable and accessorised outfit. Check out our tips on how to achieve this look.

Create a smart ensemble. You must balance professionalism and fashion. Try wearing a dark coloured pencil skirt, a dark coloured pair of jeans such as indigo. If however, your bottoms include a brighter color and are more fashionable, balance it out with a milder chic top.

If your bottoms are more casual, wear a more professional top such as a button down shirt or a dressy blouse. Alternatively, if your bottoms are dressier, wear a casual top such as ruffles, prints and accents.

Wearing a dress is one of the safer options rather than styling the bottoms and tops. You can pair your dress with a good piece of jewellery or a simple scarf.

Adding a blazer would instantly add the ‘professional’ look to the outfit. At the same time, it gives a casual look when paired with a softer top .

In terms of shoes, try wearing heels that are closed toed rather than open toed. Flats could also be worn if you are leaning more towards the casual look.

Wear suitable jewellery according to the event and the outfit. They are one of the key features that give a more ‘causal’ or ‘smart’ look. Wear a statement necklace if your outfit is plain.

Accessorise your outfit with a belt to add a pop of color. This would make your outfit more interesting and would create a fashionable ensemble.

Try wearing a watch with your outfit. Wear one which is simple but yet a statement. The metal color of the watch should go with the color of the outfit.

Apart from the clothing and jewellery, a bag is the other element that would define your outfit as smart casual. A colourful purse would be a statement piece with more focus on it rather than the outfit. It would also elevate a simple plain outfit.

Last but not the least, experiment with scarfs. It may seem simple but it could add a little variety to the outfit. It should be subtle and not too loud so it doesn’t take the focus away from the main outfit.

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