Enrique Iglesias heating up the stage at F1 Bahrain.

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King of Latin Pop, Enrique Iglesias was this years choice to perform at the Formula One Concerts on Saturday.

Enrique did what he does best and swooned hundreds of girls hearts with his beautiful voice and charming smile.

Enrique Iglesias, Bahrain
Image Courtesy @bah_int_circuit

As the crowd waited for him impatiently, Enrique came with a bang and started the concert of with one of his most energetic songs that set the crowds mood to a great start. The crowd was going absolutely nuts for him.

His casual yet sensual look with a basic tee and with his signature baseball cap on. His adorable personality along with his good looks and great performing skills really stole our hearts. He not only performed his his tempo songs but also the romantic ballads that bring back some sweet memories.

A true moment to remember, when the instrumental track of his recent biggest hit Bilando started and the crowd went wild, it was for sure when things really kicked of. Everyone was on their feet, moving to their own rthythm to his Spanish mega hits.

Enrique Iglesias, Bahrain
Image Courtesy @bah_int_circuit

Enrique was very crowd friendly and keeping them involved. All eyes were definitely on him.
He was very active and always found moving along then stage. He would even lean right over the barriers to let the fans take selfies or touch him. It made it all more exciting.

The stage design was impeccable. The LED lights, the blasts of fire & confetti and giant helium balls floating over the crowd all made it even more special.

We would highly recommend everyone to attend one of Enrique Iglesias’ Concerts, specially to all the females reading. It is a great uplifting and lively experience that leaves you with amazing memories.

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