Exclusive Summer Festival Guide

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Summer is the time for the best of the best festivals. With the best of fashion being portrayed, it is time to get the exclusive guide for summer festivals. From crop tops to floppy hats to flower crowns, the guide below would help you to get the best summer festival style.

Crop Tops

Crop Tops would be the best option when going to a festival. It is comfy, stylish and gives a summer vibe. Pair it with your denim shorts and you are good to go.

Ripped Shorts

Ripped or distressed shorts are a must for festivals. Apart from fringing jackets, this is the second most popular when it comes to shorts. You can wear them with sandals or boots, crop tops or boho tops paired with a variety of sunglasses and bags.

Floppy Hats

When you think of summer the image you receives that of a straw hat rather than floppy ones. However, floppy hats would be the perfect to protect you from the heat yet at the same time add emphasis to your outfit.

Flower Crowns

Yes, the same old flower crowns. They do not seem to be going out of style although they are not at the peak currently. Flower crowns complete the look and can be worn with anything due to its versatility.


Chokers would be the best accessory to wear to a festival since it is in vogue and you can buy them in different varieties to pair with your outfit.

Embroidered Kaftans

Linking to the earlier tip, kaftans would be the perfect style addition to the outfit since it is loose, flowing and adds a layer to the outfit. Instead of opting for a simple kaftan go for a printed or a embroidered one. Sheer embroidered is the latest fashion summer trend which you can dive into.

Combat Boots

When it comes to festivals, combat boots or sandals are the go to footwear. Combat boots can be worn with anything and everything.

Messy Hair

Festivals are the time to let your hair loose! Dont be afraid to dawn a messy bun or free flowing hair. Rather than setting them let them be free, flower crowns look the best on flowing hair too.

Layers of Necklaces

Chunk it Up! Wear layers of necklaces instead of just one. However do not overcrowd your outfit and make sure you have a balance.


Paired with denim shorts and a white crop top, tan sandals would be the perfect fit.

Crochet Bags

For festivals you try to carry as little as possible in your hands and keep them free. Apart from the normal sling bags, try crying crochet sling bags that would go better with the summer festival vibe.


Similar to the crochet style, fringing is another popular style which can be worn in the form of clothing or carried as accessories. Fringe sling bags could be one way to go or fringe tops.


Bralettes can be worn with shorts, skirts and jeans. Try going for a lacy braille if possible.

Boho dress

When wearing dresses, try wearing a boho style or boho printed dress. These are one of the most popular dresses worn to festivals.

Plaid shirts

If you want to opt for plain shirts, do not wear it the typical way but try layering it over a cami top or a crop top or tying it around your waist or shoulders.

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