Go mattes or gloss? You be the judge!

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Would you go for Mattes or Gloss 

Get ready to make one of the most important decisions this season.

Liquid lipsticks be it mattes or gloss are meant to be opaque, but you can make it look more like a stain if you blot the color with a tissue. Liquid lipsticks are the lip equivalent to makeup’s one-coat wonders, meaning you can achieve the opaque pigment you want with one swipe.

Some facts about Glossy lips,

  • It lasts for few hours.
  • It plumps your lips.
  • Gloss goes with everything. Whatever your beauty look is, gloss goes perfectly with it. It’s the most versatile, no-fuss way to complete a look.
mattes or gloss
Image Courtesy, @jeniimariee

When you hear about matte lipsticks, you’re probably thinking about the traditional solid bullet lipstick. But when it comes to the latest matte trends, liquid lipstick is on the rise. The different formulas allow for all sorts of added creativity including ease of mixing colors and creating ombre effects. But beauty experts and clients need to be careful as these liquid matte lipsticks can wreak havoc on the inside of your purse or makeup kit if you forget to cap them tightly.

Facts about Matte lips,

  • Matte lipsticks last for all day long.
  • Many people/ celebrities prefer Matte lips.
mattes or gloss
Image courtesy, @YASMIN

What do you prefer? Mattes or Gloss, Let us know in the comments below?

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