Gold Label Burger fulfilling your burger needs in Bahrain

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Gold Label Burger in Bahrain
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Gold Label Burger in Bahrain

There is no unhealthy meal than a good juicy and delicious burger, so if you are a burger lover we suggest you continue reading, and if you’re not, we are sure you will start drooling at the end of this article.

We had recently visited one of our favorite Burger places near University college of Bahrain, Gold Label Burger.

Gold Label Burger is a new burger joint in Bahrain. Located in Saar, on the top floor of Nakheel Centre. It is a Gourmet Fast Food place with the absolute cutest American Diner style interior. They also have a beautifully decorated outdoor balcony seating area, which in the perfect spring weather we were most delighted about. We ordered the Chicken Fried, Diner Fries and a Pepsi.

The Burger was the perfect definition of deliciousness!

Verdict, The Burger was the perfect definition of deliciousness! The mouth-watering Chicken Burger was served on a gold foil. That consisted of two Chicken Fillets with lettuce, tomato, cheese, mayonnaise & GLB sauce. Which for us was the best part that enhances the palate. The Fries were delicious as well and perfectly made that complimented the Burger perfectly. We would highly recommend this place; the food was great and for a very reasonably cheap price. Moreover, they had a very chill and relaxed environment, making it a great place for singles & families. Once you visit, you would want to keep going there, we cannot wait to go back and try out other things on their menu and filling our casual comfort food days.

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