Grow your eyebrows with this one ingredient!

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Olive Oil Hack 

Eyebrow is the frame of our face. It plays a significant role in our appearance. For many men, they may not be very important at all. However, the eyebrow game for women is getting stronger and strong as day passes by.

Can you use olive oil for eyebrows?

We always thought that Olive oil is best for hair. However, did you know that its good for even your eyebrow. When it comes to how to grow eyebrows fast, you can use a number of oils and home remedies. Olive oil on eyebrows makes them grow thicker, fuller and longer.

Olive oil hack
Image courtesy, @Newhealthadvisor

Benefits Of Olive Oil:

  • Olive oil makes your hair grow.
  • It also nourishes and softens skin by keeping it hydrated 
  • Helps the hair to be thicker and healthier and decreases dandruff that is the main cause of everything wrong with hair.
  • Increases nail growth and cures cuticles 
  • Using it as a body moisture after shower does wonders for skin.
  • It fights gaining signs and reduces skin irritation.


Follow these Steps:

  1. Take few drops of virgin olive oil in your fingers
  2. Gently swipe it 2-3 times over your eyebrows in the direction the hair growth. 
  3. Continue this for 2 weeks and you will notice results. 


If you look at some of them after using olive oil for eyebrows, you will notice that at the start, some of them had sparse brows, thin eyebrows or over-plucked eyebrows and eyelashes. But after a few weeks of using virgin olive oil to grow brow hair back, they ended up with thicker, fuller brows.

Olive oil hack
Image courtesy, @altromar

Tip: For good growth of eyebrows apply olive oil regularly at night, before going to sleep.

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