Hittin the books at M Cafe, Bahrain

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M Cafe is located in Saar Avenue, Opposite Saar Cinema, Bahrain.

Since we are University Students, we are always looking for quite yet comfy spot to study specially during exams. We checked out M Cafe in Bahrain and it is definitely a win when it comes to quite & peaceful cafes. It was an indoor & outdoor area.The atmosphere is very young and modern, M Cafe combines great food with a great atmosphere.
M Cafe, Bahrain
Image Courtesy @Snapshot Stories


The interior is very modern, relaxed with fluffy pillows and comfortable wide sofas and abstract art hung up around. They have electricity outlets next to every table which was a major plus point. Another amazing plus point is that The Cafe also offers playing cards and board games for customers. We totally enjoyed playing a hand in UNO.
Chicken Wrap, M Cafe, Bahrain
Image Courtesy @Snapshot Stories
The menu has many varieties, we went for a few starters, Hummus with Bread, Vine Leaves and a Chicken Sheesh Tawooq Wrap with french fries along with a diet coke.Our favorite was definitely the Chicken Wrap. It was very well cooked, juicy and filled with flavor. The fries complimented the wrap perfectly. It was the ideal snack and study meal.In conclusion, it is a perfect place to study during the day, unwind after a long day at work, catching up with friends and family or watching the latest sports event in the evening. We definitely recommend this place and we can’t wait to make another visit soon!.  

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