MAC Products Every Girl Needs

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Basic Mac Products That EVERY Girl Needs!

Mac Products
Image Courtesy, @GirlyVirly

Everyone uses Mac cosmetics once in their lifetime. Its the start of your make up journey that may stay the same for the rest of your life or may improve for better. Mac cosmetics can change you, in a matter of minutes, from the average looking, ordinary, girl-next-door into a stunning beauty. Mac cosmetics have a whole range of makeup, haircare, and skincare products for you. If you’re a beginner then listen up, you need these products to start up.

1. A shimmery Mineralize Blush

Mac Products
Image Courtesy, @allura

The point of this shimmery blush isn’t to actually be blush. You use a fan brush to put a tiny bit over your actual blush, and swipe your finger through the powder and deposit it down the center of your nose.

2. Nude lipstick

Nude lipsticks are everything. Every girl has one or more lipstick(s) in shade nude. We recommend ‘Yash.’

Mac Products
Image Courtesy, @JasmineSingh


3. Prep + Prime Moisture Infusion

If you don’t use a primer, you have to try this one.  It makes your skin smoother, your foundation stay on your face a little longer, and the products you use last longer as a whole since you’ll use a little less.

Mac Products
Image Cortesy, @Maccosmetics

4. A paint pot

Apply it on your eye lid before putting on eye-shadow, it’ll make your eye-shadow look more pigmented.

Mac Products
Image Courtesy, @CyberScents

5. Fluidline

MAC Fluidline for us represents the transition from high school makeup user to Real Adult Woman makeup user. It’s one of our favorite things ever. It’s a pot of eyeliner liquid,it is the perfect pitch black gel eye liner.

Mac Products
Image Courtesy, @glambot


6. Ruby Woo lipstick

You may be the kind of M.A.C. fan who, at any given moment, owns no fewer than five Ruby Woo lipsticks just in case it ever goes out of stock. Every girl has to have at least one of Ruby Woo.

Mac Products
Image Courtesy, @MakeupAlley


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