Meilleures Furs Has All Your Winter Needs Covered

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Our Conversation with Meilleures Furs

Meilleures furs
Rex Coat:  Image Courtesy @Meilleures.furs

Meilleures Furs is founded by Dana and Leen Al Hajjar, originally from Syria, and raised in Saudi Arabia. The two cousins studied Nutrition for their Bachelor’s degree and went for further studies in the UK. They were inspired over five months ago to create something that was their personal favourite.

“From a very young age, if we were at a shopping mall or any store and they would have a place for fur. Regardless of clothing or home, my mom would lose me there” – Dana

The vision of the brand is “To make every woman feel elegant and special no matter what her style or budget is”, they want customers to be comfortable and happy with their garment and yet feel luxurious for wearing it.“Fur is something that it is an essential for everyone, that stays with you forever and we wanted to provide the best quality furs in order to achieve our vision”

Meilleures furs
Fox Coat:  Image Courtesy @Meilleures.furs
Meilleure Furs
Cashmere Coat with Mink Cuffs: Image Courtesy @Meilleures.furs

All of the products from Meilleures Furs are manufactured in Turkey and cover a wide range of fur types including Rabbit, Mink, Chinchilla, Fox, Rex, etc. They offer customisation options that work with different colour, type of fur and style modification option so customers get a 100{5ec6e38e9fa8b32dcd0679aa27e62c975649b6c7becf2aa47ac8a1ecf4eaa292} of what they like. They also offer combination options so pairing your fur with Leather, or Cashmere is also available. Prices vary depending on your budget and the type of fur you choose.

“During SS17, our inspiration and encouragement was that we wanted to start with a business that would combine something we love and need, that led us to start Meilleures Furs just before AW17”

Meilleures furs
Sable Jacket:  Image Courtesy @Meilleures.furs

Meilleures Furs will soon be offering more product ranges to their brand. Currently, they are offering Jackets and Coats for women and men and fur accessories for Women

Meilleures furs
Fox Fur Collar and Cuffs: Image Courtesy @Meilleures.furs
Meilleures furs
Crocodile Leather with Sable Collar: Image Courtesy @Meilleures.furs

The brand is very flexible, they try their best to work around the budget of the customer by giving them the best quality and price for the perfect fur product they design. Customers can order via sending them an email on or messaging them on their official Instagram page @Meilleures.furs


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