MiraDry Review – No Sweat, No Stress

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The three step treatment that will thank you for the rest of your life! Imagine summer being tension free and enjoying to the fullest! Imagine no sweat stains, no Odour, no stress?

miraDry is the miracle treatment providing a lifetime solution to sweating. We all sweat and its all good. However, sweating in certain situations or occasions is definitely something none of us want, despite being the most confident person ever, we all have been in situations where excessive sweating occurs and all you want to do is rush and change due to either odour or stains. Getting to the facts, our body is made of approximately 2 million sweat glands, and the sweat glands in our underarm region is only 2% of that. MiraDry aims to target that 2% area to remove sweat stains and odour

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Don’t sweat it

From injectables to ingestibles, topical treatments to surgical procedures, no doubt you’ll have heard about numerous different ways available to manage sweating. Problem is, they’re all far from perfect. Temporary, invasive or leave you out of action for weeks; others offer results that wear off before the summer has even ended. MiraDry is different. Firstly, it’s the only FDA-cleared treatment that can dramatically reduce underarm sweat in as little as one appointment. Not only that but this groundbreaking new system offers permanent and immediate results, little to no downtime, and an optimal safety record. Rather than simply masking the symptoms of sweat (smell, dampness etc) miraDry heads straight to the source – the sweat glands. The innovative system uses thermal energy to non-invasively target and eliminate the sweat glands found in the underarm area, leaving you feeling dry and fresh. The best bit? Once destroyed, those sweat glands don’t grow back, making miraDry certainly one of the most permanent anti-sweat solutions. See you later, sweat stains!


The treatment was conducted at the Karidis clinic, St Johns Wood, London. With a 15 minutes consultation prior to the treatment on general health and skin issues and if it is safe for them to perform treatment on the area followed by information about what to except on the day.

The treatment lasted for about 45 minutes, starting the treatment with one side at a time and placing a temporary tattoo to mark the exact area to be treated. Each side of underarm takes about 10 aesthetic injected, as scary as that sounds only one of them is felt as it soon starts feeling numb and the actual treatment gets started. The MiraDry machine is then applied that in simple words burns off the sweat glands in the underarm area takes about 10 – 15 minutes. Surprisingly no pain or anything is felt as the practitioner makes sure its all well numb, and if you do feel any pain or excessive heat, they are more than happy to apply more aesthetic in that area to ease the pain. 

Once each side is done, ice pack is placed in the underarm and in all honestly, they feel absolutely amazing after and soon these ice packs would become your best friend at least for the first 2 days to reduce the swelling

The swelling in underarm for each person is different, for me it lastly for about 2 days. I was also informed of some sort of heat like pain or discomfort I may feel later on. Which to be honest I didn’t feel anything but I did feel the discomfort due to swelling for the 2 days that was well controlled with ice packs, Ibuprofen/Loratadine. Also, washing and soaping the area twice a day and applying antiperspirant is extremely important and most likely to be provided by the practicer.

It’s been about 3 weeks since the treatment and not a day has gone by that I wouldn’t feel the positive change MiraDry has done, I absolute recommend the treatment. bI have personally always been extremely annoyed by sweat stains and odour and would always run around changing clothes. in simple words lets just say there are less clothes in the laundry since the treatment, making my life easier in so many more ways.

For more information on the treatment, make sure to check out miraDry and Karidis Clinic

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