Our Current Favourite Spot For Lunch – Rail House Cafe

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Rail House Cafe – London Restaurant Review

Image Courtesy @Phuong Thach

 “A modern café with handsome bars and a diversity of spaces that evolve throughout the day. The international menu has a relaxed approach, offering healthy choices for the everyday and weekend naughty comforts”

Located in Milton Square, Victoria, Rail House Cafe is a busy spot all week with seats for over 300 diners with a bar, a terrace, and private rooms. Rail House Cafe lunch menu offers customers healthy but playful options and more importantly, they are beautiful for your Instagram! We recommend you to try the meat-free English Asparagus with charred corn sprinkled on top.

Rail House Cafe also has a great range of small eat plates which are great for sharing and of course, for Instagrammers who take beautiful pictures of flatlands. Try Confit Pork Belly which is inspired by Chinese Pork with a modern twist.

Image Courtesy @Phuong Thach

Final verdict: Price for mains ranges from £15 – £25 which is not bad at all and you are guaranteed to have amazing food. The restaurant has a beautiful, lavish setting with a cozy atmosphere. You can also try to go on a sunny day and have lunch at the terrace outside of the restaurant.

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Address: The Nova Building, 8 Sir Simon Milton Square, Westminster, London SW1E 5DJ

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