A Breakfast to remember with Parker’s in Al Khobar

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Reviewing the ultimate breakfast guide of Parker’s in Al Khobar

Parker's in Al Khobar

Parker’s is a restaurant in Khobar, Abu Dhabi and Dubai offering the Classic Continental to American and delicious Italian with a hint of Arabic cuisine. Recently #TeamSishah was invited to the Parker’s in Al Khobar to taste the range of their delicious breakfast and we must admit it was a day to remember.

Parker's in Al Khobar
Image Courtesy @Sishahslookbook4
Parker's in Al Khobar
Image Courtesy @Sishahslookbook4













It took us a while to decide what we wanted because everything offered on their breakfast menu seemed absolutely delightful. Talking about the menu, it had a good range of dishes to offer, from different types of eggs to a smaller range of sandiwiches, Sweet and savoury Toasts, French Toast and lastly interesting combination of pancakes. The list doesn’t end here, they also have recently introduced a delicious variety of coffee to the table, such as the lotus cappuccino.

We tried to order a variety of breakfast sweet and savoury to get a taste of most of the top hits of Parker’s.

Good range of dishes to offer, from different types of eggs to a smaller range of sandiwiches, Sweet and savoury Toasts, French Toast and lastly interesting combination of pancakes.


1. Smash Bar

Parker's in Al Khobar
Smash Bar | Image Courtesy @Sishahslookbook4

To start of with a good breakfast, we wanted to cleanse our palette with a taste of everything. This dish consisted of a scoop of Eggplant Smash, Beetroot Smash and Labneh Zaatar Smash with Small pieces of Sourdough. We absolutely loved the taste of Labneh Zaatar Smash and Eggplant Smash. The Beetroot however, seemed a little dull compared to these two.


2. Benedict Croissant

Parker's in Al Khobar
Benedict Croissant | Image Courtesy @Sishahslookbook4

Although we are not a Eggs Benedict fan. However, this was recommended by one of the staff and we had our doubts about this. Despite all all this was a rockstar of a dish. It is not common for Eggs Benedict to be on top of Croissant and we felt that this change made a huge difference to the dish. We were glad to have heard the staff and taken their word for it because this was an absolute divine of a dish.


3. Loaded Baked Potato

Parker's in Al Khobar
Loaded Baked Potato | Image Courtesy @Sishahslookbook4

Seeing Loaded Baked Potato on the menu did take us by surprise in a positive way. Since, this may seem more of a lunch dish. However, the scrambled eggs filling and the variety of toppings had us all convinced. Personally, this was one of our favourites, it had the right amount of potatos to control the carbs on the plate and the right portion of scrambled eggs with a half portion of cheese and sour creme to enhance the palette.


4. Grilled Mac & Cheese

Parker's in Al Khobar
Grilled Mac & Cheese | Image Courtesy @Sishahslookbook4

Just hearing Mac & Cheese makes us all droll, imagine eating a grilled sandwich of it, how amazing does that sound. Our only concern with this one was that it might be extra heavy, with all the Mac & Cheese plus bread. Although this was heavy, we already knew that was coming. However, again the taste was perfect!. We definitely recommend this alone for a proper heavy breakfast.


5. Avocado on Toast

Parker's in Al Khobar
Avocado Toast | Image Courtesy @Sishahslookbook4

Another dish that we were extremely excited about was Avocado on Toast, after searching this in many cafes and restaurants in Saudi Arabia to our surprise we found this here. Our only disappointment was that we wanted it with fluffy scrambled eggs and not another poached egg, the staff informed us that this wasn’t possible. We still went ahead with the order and yet again, this was not a disappointing dish. The Avocado alone on the Toast was definitely one of the best ones we had ever tasted. Combining it with another pouched eggs wasn’t that bad all.


6. Dutch Berries Pancake

Parker's in Al Khobar
Dutch Berries Pancake | Image Courtesy @Sishahslookbook4

Everything gets better when there are pancakes on the table and that too a combination of strawberries, blueberries, fruit coulis and cream cheese. We particularly liked the hot plate touch because pancakes are better served hot for a good few minutes. Moreover, the taste was delicious and light.


6. Rice Krispies

Parker's in Al Khobar
Rice Krispies | Image Courtesy @Sishahslookbook4

One thing everyone is absolute sure in breakfast to order is the French Toast, we always believe that if a restaurants French toast is good then thats no ordinary kitchen. This one in particular was absolutely divine. Flavouring it with Rice Krispies was definitely an amazing work, soft yet crispy with the Rice Krispies, Sweet but with the caramel to balance it all out. We would absolutely recommend this a try.

7. Lotus Cappuccino and Parker’s Cappuccino

Parker's in Al Khobar
Parker’s Cappuccino | Image Courtesy @Sishahslookbook4
Parker's in Al Khobar
Lotus Cappuccino | Image Courtesy @Sishahslookbook4








Coffee is one thing that can definitely change anyone’s perspective of a good restaurant. It can make or ruin our day. We were  definitely impressed by their coffee, Their Lotus Cappuccino had the perfect amount of Lotus in it to not overpower the Cappuccino and the Parker’s Cappuccinno was delicious and strong.


Verdict on Parker’s 

Food: Absolutely Delicious

Portion: They were small, than the usual size we are used to. However, we think it was good that way, because customers can get the opportunity to order more different things off their menu

Presentation: Spot on, we loved it

Price: It was definitely acceptable taking the food and environment in consideration

Environment: We loved the seating Arrangment, the natural lighting in the place, it was have been amazing if there was some outside sitting with greenery to complete the Green house look. However, this was absolutely Acceptable.

Staff: They were very welcoming and approachable.

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