How to Pull Off Stripes in your Outfit

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This summer, introduce your wardrobe to some stripes. Dont be afraid to clash, this season stripes are more fun and less business. From skirts to tops to accessories, incorporate the stripes look with our useful styling tips:

1.One of the easiest ways of pulling of a striped look is by wearing a striped skirt. Dont be afraid to add in some color to the outfit. When choosing a top, remember to pick a color that matches one of the colors in the skirt. This would provide a balance yet prove to be a fabulous outfit!Stripes in your Outfit

2.A striped top is must for every woman’s wardrobe. When picking out a top, try choosing one with vertical stripes rather than horizontal. This would create the illusion of a longer torso. Pair your striped top with either a nice pair of jeans, white shorts or a skirt. Stripes in your Outfit

3.If you’re not sure about wearing a striped skirt or top, try starting with accessories. Striped accessories such as clutches would add a whole new level of ‘trendy’ to your outfit.

Stripes in your Outfit

4.A striped jumpsuit is one of the most easiest and fashionable outfit one can ever own. It is always trendy and hardly goes out of style. When selecting a jumspuit, keep the same rule in mind as for tops, “vertical not horizontal”.Stripes in your Outfit

5.When wearing a black and white striped dress, keep the look simple by accessorising the dress with plain sneakers and subtle jewellery such as a watch.Stripes in your Outfit

6.You can try adding a layer to the striped top/dress such as a light army vest.Stripes in your Outfit

7.Pair the black and white striped combination with brown accessories; belt, bag and shoes which would give a cool and chic look.Stripes in your Outfit

8.If you prefer wearing striped maxi dresses try pairing it up with a denim jacket and sunglasses since this would provide variety to the outfit.Stripes in your Outfit

9.A B&W striped top/dress/jumpsuit would look even better with the pop of a bright color such as red or orange. Stripes in your Outfit

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