Reveal And Review: Classic Patent Black Christian Louboutin Heels

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We can all agree having this classic pair informs you that the princess is here! Everything about this pair of shoes is pure goals, call it the packaging, the experience and the dressing. This pair was purchased from Harrods, London. So you can imagine the experience would be extra special. The employees were extremely wonderful and helpful in deciding the right shoe size. Here are few tips and tricks we learned in time.

  1. Trying these on for the very first time may differ in experience depending on the structure of your feet, specially if you have a wider front. Regardless make sure you purchase a perfectly fit pair and do not even consider purchasing a size lose for comfort because the leather would expand after your 2-3 wear
  1. Indeed no one wants to stay in pain so if you really don’t want to wait, one of the best ways to expand your louboutin would be wear warm socks and put them on, it wouldn’t expand instantly and we would never recommend walking in that tight shoe now but this may help.
  1. We may sound ridiculous suggesting this but always clean the bottom red and the sole of your shoes if you really want the long lasting experience. 
  1. Keep them in the shoe bags after use.    

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