Salwa Gardezi translating her passion for food to a professional career

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Sharing a professional chef’s dream journey of Salwa Gardezi

Salwa Gardezi
Image Courtesy: @SalwaGardezi_

We have always been thought to dream a big career something starting as Doctors, Engineers anything that you could get a degree off from the most qualified university and Starting the steps of success. However, it takes a lot of courage and passion to start a career that many may think of as a daily routine. A work that one may find as a daily task, for Salwa Gardezi is her passion and dream to achieve.

“My grandmother and mother were my first teachers and the first dish I made was from my grandmother receipe of banana bread”

Salwa Gardezi is a Pakistani, she started working through her culinary skills at a very young age, Gardezi mentioned that, “My grandmother and mother were my first teachers and the first dish I made was from my grandmother recipe of banana bread” Gardezi’s journey began with her love for pastries and it grew for proper cuisines over the years. She started her first business by introducing an online Cake Boutique on Facebook and selling designer cakes in Lahore, she had a vision and began with this concept 5 years ago when it was not common in Pakistan.

Salwa Gardezi
Classic Cheese Cake | Image Courtesy: @SalwaGardezi_

After completion of her A Levels and understanding her growth of interest in the field of culinary, she started to gain professional training in the hot kitchen, by mastering French cuisine in School of Culinary and Finishing Arts Lahore and Dubai. Followed by an internship in SCSFA Dubai and then Jean George’s in Four Seasons Dubai.

Salwa Gardezi
Mango Parfait with Coconut Mouse | Image Courtesy: @SalwaGardezi_

We all wonder about what is the favourite dish of a chef to eat, Gardezi mentioned that, “I love sliders, burgers. As what many may think of it as an unhealthy dish to eat, to me thats the best thing ever! Surprisingly, it is far away from French cuisine which is my major”

We bet you’re all wondering what is she going to do next? well upon asking to give a glimpse of her next project, Gardezi mentioned that, “I am working on starting my own youtube channel and a soon to be released branded luxury chocolates introducing in Pakistan”

A few of her deliciously beautiful creations are here. However, do not forget to follow her on Instagram to get a glimpse of the Salwa Gardezi World

Salwa Gardezi
Beetroot Risotto  |  Image Courtesy: @SalwaGardezi_
Salwa Gardezi
Apple Pie |  Image Courtesy: @SalwaGardezi_
Salwa Gardezi
Ice Creme Trio | Image Courtesy: @SalwaGardezi_

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