Sephora night mask is a must have!!

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Sephora masks are a must have!

Sephora Mask
Image Courtesy @Sephora

Sephora’s self brand owned items have to be the best of the best of course! And we had to give them all a try so watch out because we will be reviewing all of Sephora’s skin care range.  Our current all time favourites are the Sephora Masks and most of all their night mask, from their skin care collection.

The night mask is our favourite item from their skin care collection

According to Sephora, each of their night masks is infused with an active ingredient that relaxes the skin and helps in achieving bright and more revitalised complexion. The luxuourious gel melts into your skin in activating your skin while you sleep.
Sephora masks

Sephora has created 11 types of masks that help every skin type in every possible way.

  1. Pearl Mask: Helps in the pigmentation of the skin by making in even, fresher, and brighter.
  2. Avocado Mask: Relieves sensitive zones of the skin.
  3. Algae Mask: Cleanses and detoxifies the skin by giving it a fresh and radiant morning complexion.
  4. Orchid Mask: Reduces the wrinkles and signs of ageing.
  5. Ginseng Mask: Tightens and tones the skin by giving it fresh and energised complexion.
  6. Lingzhi Mask: Smooths wrinkles and minimises signs of younger-looking skin.
  7. Lotus Mask: Reduces the signs of fatigue for the appearance of plumper.
  8. Rose Mask: Radiates and boosts for hydrated skin.
  9. Green Tea Mask: Purifies and cleans complexion.
  10. Pomegranate Mask: Tones the skin and reduces the signs of fatigue.
  11. Honey Mask: Relieves dry skin for a softened and balanced skin tone

Price: Sephora’s must have night mask is approximately £2.50 each,

Quantity: The quantity is enough to use for 3 nights for both face and neck.

Tip to live by: We definitely recommend using this mask during flights, it hydrates the skin face like no the, the gel is transparent so it wouldn’t show and it would dry up in just 20 mins in flight.

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