The Best Color Combinations for 2017

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10 Best Colour Combinations You Need To Follow  

best color combinations

Combining clothing can be quite a task. Some combinations would look absolutely stylish while some would go down the drain. We have brought you the best color combinations that you have to try this season and which have proved to be successful and popular. Always remember to keep it simple and do not be afraid to mix it up a bit. Check out our styling tips for the top 10 color combinations for this season.

Yellow & Green

Initially this may sound unusual or not too appealing but once you match the right shade of each color and accessorise your outfit perfectly, you would have one of the best combinations. Additionally, this combination of yellow and green looks good on almost all complexions. A yellow blazer can be paired with a grey skirt or trousers along with green accessories to create an everyday look. 

Blue & Pink

When it comes to wearing blue and pink remember to choose the right shade for each color. Pale pink would be the best option when going for a combo. Soft pink and light blue would be the perfect subtle pastel outfit. If you want to layer up then you could try pairing a soft blue top with a pink jacket. If you are not too keen on wearing pink or blue in the form of clothing it can always be worn as arm candy.

Blue & Red

these two are extremely bright colors individually thus hen wearing them together make sure you balance them out. You could pair a blue denim jean with a red blazer jacket and with the right accessorises your outfit would be ready. It is casual yet smart. They can be paired with killer heels to achieve the perfect party look.

Orange & Blue

Similar to the blue and red, these colors are very bright but if you try pairing blue pants and a nice orange top you are good to go. These colors are the best way to color block your outfit. You could also go a bit darker and opt for a burnt orange and a navy blue combination. When wearing this, avoid wearing bright coloured shoes and try sticking to nudes or beige.

Cobalt Blue & Turquoise

This is a unique and bright color combination. When wearing this you do not necessarily have to add a neutral color such as white or cream. These combinations would go very well with gold and silver accessories and would be the best option wear when going out for an event. It is classy and elegant.

Orange & Black

This is quite a contrasting color combination. Orange can instantly lift a black outfit and add color to the whole outfit. Try wearing a high waisted flared orange pant and pair it with a black top. If you are not too comfortable with wearing orange bottoms you could always switch the two and wear black wide legged trousers with a orange cashmere sweater or crop top. Pair it with the right accessories and shoes to create the best look.

Maroon & Tan

These two colors are not as bright as the oranges and blues but they still manage to garner a lot of attention when paired together. Tan is a light neutral color and can be hard to style but if you pair it with a maroon it would instantly add a spark to the outfit. It would not look boring since the maroon would be adding much more to the overall outfit.

Purple & Coral

Coral is one of the most versatile shades of color and would look the best when combined with purple. Coral is one color which flatters all kinds of skin tones thus making it very popular among people. When wearing coral try pairing it with a deep purple than a brighter shade as it would give the right amount of contrast to the outfit. They do not necessarily have to be clothing. You could pair a coral top with a purple bag or a chunky necklace.

Pink & Grey

This may not sound too appealing initially but once you are aware of how to style these colors this would be one of your favourite combinations to wear. It can be worn all year round- summer, autumn, winter, spring. The advantage of wearing this combination is that it does not prove any limitations or restrictions. They can be styled in any way possible. A grey pant with a pink sweater or pink pants with a grey top would both look equally fashionable. Don’t forget to style the outfit with the right accessories!

White & Purple

White is a color that goes with everything and anything from black to pink to purple. However pairing white and purple gives a certain sense of charm and femininity to the outfit. You could also add silver or gold accessorises and yet the outfit would not look over the top. However avoid wearing bright purple with white and try sticking to a darker shade to give a more regal effect.

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