Underwater Korean Makeup Hack!

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Korean Makeup Hack

This new Korean beauty trend is called ” Jamsu“.

what exactly is Jamsu? According to Vogue, it translates to “diving” or “submerging” and was originally introduced by a Japanese blogger.

Korean Makeup Hack
Image Courtesy, @Amalie

How does it work? So basically,

1. Pat handfuls of baby powder on your face.

2. Put on your primer.

3. Apply Foundation.

4. Apply Concealer.

5. Then you plunge your entire face into a sink or bowl filled with cool water for 15 to 30 seconds.

6.  You pat dry with a towel and finish the rest of your makeup. The result is perfectly matte skin that lasts all day.


Korean Makeup Hack
Image Courtesy, @Emilyslawek


Tip- This part can get pretty messy, so never ever try “jamsu” wearing black clothes. Also remember to use a headband to protect your hair from getting wet or dirty.

Many beauty bloggers loved their skin after trying this beauty hack.


To all matte-makeup lovers out there, baby powder might be the missing ingredient in your beauty regimen!


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