Is Wavy Brows a success?

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Would you give Wavy Brows a chance?

A new trend that has taken all over the Instagram is the Wavy Brow trend. Famous Makeup Artists such as Promise Tamang and Huda Beauty have either tried it or have been photoshopped into it, and we all have seen it and had lots of questions on it. 

Question that came to us a lot was is this eye brow trend photoshopped or are makeup artists actually working the trend with their eyebrow and even if they are is it a successful trend to follow?

According to Popsugar, the beauty influencer, Promise Tamang uploaded a picture on her Instagram after being inspired by a look someone had photoshopped the wavy brows on her. 

Wavy Brows
Image Courtesy @Promisetamang
Image Courtesy @Lanartistry


To have a full tutorial of this, Makeup Artist and Youtuber, Kelsey Alfred had recently posted a video on her youtube channel to help out a lot of us in solving the mystery.


Video Courtesy: Kelsey Alfred



After the analysis, Is Wavy eyebrow trend a success? Clearly Somethings need to set to basics i.e, Basic Eyebrow on fleek game. as Alfred, mentions in her youtube video that this is a fun trend going around and we wouldn’t recommend it, calling it a wavy eyebrow challenge may get you somewhere. However, messing with your beautiful eyebrows certainly doesn’t call out a good day. Although, just do it challenge sake with your friends isn’t a bad idea after all. 

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