How to Wear Heels without Pain

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The Ultimate Heel Survival Guide

Every woman must know the pain of wearing heels, especially high heels and having swollen feet by the end of the night. You can cut back on heels although you cant cut them out of your life. Thus, the 10 tips below advice you on how to wear heels without causing too much pain.

1.Make sure you’re wearing the right shoe size. The right size can make a huge difference to how comfortable you are in your heels.

2.The thicker the heel, the better it is. When buying heels, try to avoid stilettos as far as possible. Avoid thin heels and go for thicker ones. Although sometimes the outfit calls for a stiletto. A chunkier heel style would be less wobblier and easier to walk in.

3.Avoid wearing thin soles. Choose platform or a thicker sole to reduce the pain on the bottom of your foot.

4.Take breaks. Standing in heels for a very long time can affect not only your legs but your posture too.

5.Try a shoe which has more coverage up top. A high heeled boot could be worn all day and wouldn’t bother the feet that much as compared to stilettos. An ankle strap or wide strap are other options that would make you feel comfortable throughout the day.

6.When shopping at shoe stores, ever noticed the shoe inserts placed on counters? Well, they really help. These oval shaped pads, made from a silicone gel combat soreness. It also makes your grip more steady and your feet aren’t sliding forward.

7.Shop for shoes at the end of the day rather than the beginning of the shopping trip. By the end, your feet are more swollen which would give you a better idea about the fit.

8.Check the heel placement while purchasing a shoe. Try and buy shoes with heels placed directly under the center of your foot’s heel rather than at the very back of the shoe.

9.Heels are more comfortable when they have straps giving a better grip.

10.Lastly, if the shoe isn’t comfortable while trying it on, it is not going to be comfortable hours later.

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