What to wear when in Goa

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Your Guide to Goa’s Fashion Vibe

Goa Fashion guide

When visiting Goa, you would need to pack a lot of beach essentials as well as stylish clothes. Check out our exclusive guide below to know how to ace the Goan Fashion Vibe. 


When it comes to beaches and water, a bikini is the first thing that you should pack.

Goa Fashion guide


Once you have dipped into the cool goa waters, you would need something to wrap yourself in. Sarongs would be the best way to layer yourself and yet have a very beach vibe.

Goa Fashion guide


When visiting Goa, the more shorts the merrier. Pair your denim shorts with crop tops or tank tops and you are good to go. You do not necessarily have to wear denim shorts, all styles of shorts especially cotton ones would be perfect for Goa. They can be worn with oversized t-shirts and flowing kaftan tops as well.

Goa Fashion guide

Crop Tops

Crop tops would be best worn with shorts since they are breezy and you would not feel as hot as you would in regular t-shirts. Lacy or crochet crop tops could be worn as an evening wear as well.

Goa Fashion guide

Tank Tops

Tank tops can be worn with capes and kaftans paired with denim shorts. This is one of the most popular outfits worn when in Goa due to the humidity and sunlight being strong.

Goa Fashion guide


Carry as many as you can! Say goodbye to your jeans while you are in goa and hello to all your dresses. Bohemian dresses, flowy dresses and maxis are the best kind to wear. These would be the most comfortable yet match the Goan vibe.

Goa Fashion guide


If you do not prefer the denim styles, go with palazzos. Switch your shorts with palazzos if you please. Tank tops, kaftans and crop tops would go perfectly with palazzos.

Goa Fashion guide

Maxi Skirts

If you do not want to wear shorts or feel palazzos are not your style, go with maxi skirts. They would make you look stylish without putting in too much effort. Style your maxi kirt with flip flops or sandals, a big bag and a nice beach top. Preferably try wearing a printed maxi skirt rather than a plain color.

Goa Fashion guide


This is a must for people who do not like getting tanned. The sunlight is extremely strong hence it is important to take care of your skin while you are at the beach and exploring local markets.

Goa Fashion guide

Flip Flops

Flip flops are a must! When going to the beach, flip flops are the easiest to wear and remove whenever needed. These are the most comfortable beach shoes.

Goa Fashion guide


Sunglasses are the utmost necessity during your vacation in Goa. These would not just act as a barrier from the sunlight but add a lot more to your outfit and would complete the perfect beach look.

Goa Fashion guide Accessories

Accessorize your outfit! But try to not go overboard. Layers of necklaces would be a good option when wearing kaftans or dresses. Rings can be worn with anything and everything.

Goa Fashion guide


Hats are one of the most essential when it comes to vacationing in beach places. They not only protect you from the intense heat but also help in looking incredibly stylish and fashionable.
Goa Fashion guide

Beach Bags

Now that you know what to wear when in Goa, the last thing you need to complete the outfit is a beach bag. Say goodbye to the backpacks and sling bags, beach bags are chic, stylish and can fit almost anything. Additionally, the crochet and jute bags go extremely well with the aesthetic of Goa.

Goa Fashion guide

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